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We at OEH have analyzed how non-Japanese people can have a difficult time adjusting to the Japanese culture. Our goal is to create a space which will enable non-Japanese to cope with the various problems encountered in Japan and will allow them to acquire communication skills to solve problems by themselves, without losing their own original identity. Students can take either private classes, group class, or both, to cater to whatever each individual needs. OEH is a school and a sharehouse which takes a more personal approach on learning. Our teachers take the time to get to know each student individually. The natural function of the house allows you to be social and practice Japanese with native speakers and people at your level.

Goal-oriented learning

At OEH, we follow our own curriculum and also have private tutoring. We encourage all students to set goals to take the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) examination and we are prepared to assist students along the way.

The JLPT has five levels: N1, N2, N3, N4 and N5. The easiest level is N5 and the most difficult level is N1.

N4 and N5 measure the level of understanding of basic Japanese mainly learned in class. N1 and N2 measure the level of understanding of Japanese used in everyday life. N3 is a bridging level between N1/N2 and N4/N5.

The linguistic skills required for the JLPT are expressed in terms of language activities, such as Reading and Listening. Language Knowledge, such as Vocabulary and Grammar, is also required for a successful execution of these activities.

Further studies

or students hoping to further their education in Japan; we have a program set to assist students in finding and getting admission into Japanese Universities and Master’s Programs

Stay at Osaka English House

Our Dormitory offers modern accommodation at a budget price. If you want to save money and live in a community, then this might be for you. Advantages include:

  • Great & furnished communical spaces
  • Free evening classes (Monday – Friday)
  • Private or Shared Rooms
  • Living with students from all over the world
  • Free Wifi connection
  • Sports facilities available in the evenings and on weekends

Note: for long-term students, a private room with a private kitchenette & bathroom might be available.


Note: prices include classes & accomodation

    Beginner level

  • 6 months course: 600,000yen
  • 1 year course: 1,000,000yen
  • 1 month: 120,000yen
  • 1 week: 40,000yen
  • 1 day: 10,000yen

  • Private room: 1,500yen per night
  • Breakfast: 500yen
  • Lunch: 800yen
  • Dinner: 1,500yen
  • Extra pivate lesson: 3,000yen

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