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Osaka English House is unique residence where communal space is shared by foreigners and Japanese students.
Established 45 years ago in the spirit of co-operation, O.E.H. provides an ideal opportunity to share culture and languages with people from all across the world.


For co-operative residents, O.E.H. has many benefits over other residences for foreigners, including:

  • ★ Large communal LOUNGE with TV, Bluray player, and Kotatsu
  • ★ Spacious kitchen and dining area
  • ★ Study room and library
  • ★ Use of free internet/wi-fi, fax, copier, public phone
  • ★ Daily newspapers and other periodicals
  • ★ Washing machines and dryer
  • ★ Everything you need!


Only a 10 minute walk from Keihan Hirakata-shi station, shops, banks, park, fitness center, medical facilities, etc. Located halfway between Osaka(Yodoyabashi) & Kyoto (Shijo) 25 minutes on the Keihan train line either way.

  • ★ Every room has it’s own Air Conditioner and Heater
  • ★ All electricity, water, and gas included.
  • ★ Furniture and bedding supplied.
  • ★ Book Now! Free pick up at HIRAKATASHI
    We are closed Satuday, Sunday and National holiday for viewing accommodation.
ROOM RATES (in cash) One Person Two People
Per night 3,700 Yen
4,100 Yen (weekend)
6,300 Yen
6,900 Yen (weekend)
Per week 22,400 Yen 30,100 Yen
Per month 54,000 Yen 87,000 Yen

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