Osaka English House


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Osaka English House

OEH is the ideal place to be in order to experience the best that Kansai has to offer.The location is amazing & there is always something going on.Let’s enjoy a good time with everyone!

Andy (Canada)

Osaka English House

It is a great place to immerse.yourself into life in Japan.The place offers good opportunities to experience Japanese culture &
a drivers range of international ones too.Never a dull moment.

ED (Netherlands)

Osaka English House

Living at the Osaka English House was one of my favorite experiences.Living in a guest house with travelers, teachers and students of different backgrounds and nationalities gives you a great opportunities for the exchange of ideas and experiences.You will also get a chance to make new friends and have new experiences all over Kansai.There is a really great feeling around OEH and I think its because we are constantly teaching and helping each other out.


Osaka English House

OEH is a great place to live! I’ve been living here for almost 2 years and the length of my stay speaks for itself.It is great to come home from work and have people around you; there is always something going on.If you don’t feel like being with people you just go to your room and nobody will bother you.We are like one big global family here and you have a chance to use and improve your Japanese.This is a wonderful place for both students and working people alike.


Osaka English House

I have had so much fun in Japan since I came to OEH. Before I lived in Seminar House which only gave me the opportunity to speak English.The rules of the Seminar House also restricted what I could do. When I came here I felt the freedom that I was used to in Australia.There is no curfew and basically we are left to do as we please. On top of that OEH has provided me with an opportunity to meet some of the nicest people I have ever and to gain some friends who I know I will always have. I have done lots of fun house activities.Everyone being forced to listen to my bad karaoke on several occasions!! Since I’ve come to OEH I can actually see that my Japanese has improved as I am not always speaking English! I can’t wait to come back to Japan again and when I do I know where I will be staying!!!


Osaka English House

I’ve made a lot of great friends during my stay in OEH. The experience in the house is really one of a kind, I was able to meet with not only Japanese but friends from all over the world.Everytime I come back to Osaka, I’ll be welcomed by everyone in the house, it’s really hard to feel homesick here when there is always someone in the house to talk to.To me, OEH has already became my second home.